Metro line length in Istanbul will be 981 kilometers

The length of the metro line in Istanbul will increase to 981 kilometers: Istanbul will have a longer and more modern metro system in many developed cities of the world in 2019. While the rail systems are expected to reach 2019 kilometers in 441, 981 kilometers of rail systems are targeted in the following years.

With the initiatives of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), Istanbul will be equipped with rail systems until 2023. With the ongoing efforts to lighten the traffic suffering of Istanbulites, rail systems, which were around 2004 kilometers before 45, will reach 145 kilometers this year. By 2019, it is aimed to increase the rail systems, which are planned to reach 441 kilometers, to 2019 kilometers after 981.

Moving from the slogan of “Metro everywhere, metro everywhere”, IMM has invested approximately 11 billion liras, 55 percent of which are transportation in the last 68 years. Having devoted a significant portion of its transportation investments to metro investments, Metropolitan plans to have a metro station half an hour away from each neighborhood in Istanbul.

With the works carried out by IMM, Istanbul, where 2016 million people can reach anywhere they want by using the subway in 7, will have a longer and more modern subway system in many developed cities of the world in 2019. In 100, which is the 2023th anniversary of the Republic, a city that can be reached by metro is targeted to every district and every neighborhood.
Two new lines to be launched in 2016 and 2017

Between 2004-2015 in Istanbul, Şişhane-Taksim (1,65 kilometers), 4. Levent-Sanayi-İTÜ Ayazağa Oto Sanayi (5,5 kilometers), Atatürk Oto Sanayi - Darüşşafaka (1,27 kilometers), Yenikapı- Hacıosman, Sanayi-Seyrantepe (1,67 kilometers), Darüşşafaka-HacıOsman (1,35 kilometers), Kadıköy-Kartal (21,7 kilometers), Bus Station-Bağcılar Kirazlı-Başakşehir-Olimpiyatköy (21,7 kilometers), Marmaray (13,5 Kilometers), Yenikapı-Haliç Metro Crossing Bridge-Şişhane (3,55 kilometers), Levent, Nispetiye Construction of Etiler, Hisarüstü metro lines has been completed.

The 17,5-kilometer Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey Metro Line, which is planned to be a solution to the traffic problem, the foundation of which is laid and continues to be built, is planned to be completed in 2017. The metro line, which will reduce the distance between Mecidiyeköy and Mahmutbey to 26 minutes, is expected to be a solution to the traffic problem of Şişli, Kağıthane, Eyüp, Gaziosmanpaşa, Esenler and Bağcılar districts. The new line, which will include viaducts as well as tunnels, will consist of a total of 15 stations in drilling, open-close and viaduct type.

Üsküdar-Ümraniye-Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe Metro Line, the second subway of the Anatolian Side, is planned to open in 2016. The journey time of the 20 km line will be 26 minutes. The stations of the line include Üsküdar, Fıstıkağacı, Bağlarbaşı, Altunizade, Kısıklı, Bulgurlu, Ümraniye, Çarşı, Yamanevler, Çakmak, Ihlamurkuyu, Altınşehir, Imam Hatip High School, Dudullu, Necip Fazıl, Çekmeköy and Sancaktepe.

Bakırköy İDO-Bağcılar Kirazlı (9 kilometer), Sabiha Gökçen Airport-Kaynarca (7,4 kilometer), Yenikapı-İncirli (7 kilometer), Başakşehir-Kayaşehir (6,65 kilometer) metro lines are planned to be completed in 2018.

2019 is the center of Kayasehir and is planned to be completed in 33. Halkalı-Arnavutköy-3.At the end of the railway line, the transportation will go to 33 minutes. The rail system lines targeted to be constructed during the 2019 and later are Kaynarca Merkez Pendik, Dudullu-Kayışdağı-İçerenköy-Bostancı, Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe-Sultanbeyli.
World Metro

Metro work in the world countries is based on older. The 1927 opened in Tokyo Metro, with a length of 304,5 kilometers. In the metro system, which is the line of 13, the average 8 million 700 thousand people are traveling per day.

In the world's largest and most stationed New York subway, an average of 5 million 500 passengers are transported daily. Launched in 1904 and 368 kilometers long 468 station on the New York subway.

The 1863, which is the oldest underground transportation system, was opened in London and the 270 station has 400 kilometers.

Moscow metro is one of the oldest and largest subways in the world. In the subway, the construction of which was started by Josef Stalin in 1931, approximately 182 million people travel every day at 9,2 stations.

The Berlin subway, opened in Berlin in 1902, carries an average of 147,4 million 1 thousand people per day with a line length of 380 kilometers.
“More than 2 million people use the metro in Istanbul”

Founder Chairman of Bahçeşehir University Department of Transportation Engineering Dr. Mustafa Ilıcalı, said in a statement to the AA correspondent, the last 11 years in the city rail systems 45 kilometers to 146 kilometers, said that.

Stating that Ilıcalı, rail system, metro, light metro and tram come to mind, “Metro is the highest, light metro is slightly lower capacity. Tram is also a rail system that goes from the surface. Rail systems will exceed 2019 kilometers in 430, together with those currently under construction in Istanbul. ”

The tunnel was made in Karaköy in Istanbul in 1872 but later neglected striking Ilıcalı of railway investment, according to the European countries, the rail network is behind the expression in Turkey, he said:

“The concrete step on the subway was made by opening the Taksim-Levent metro. What is the share of the rail system in total journeys now? Approximately 13 million people travel with motor vehicles in Istanbul. The share of the rail system in this is around 17 percent. Half of the total journeys in Moscow are made by metro. More than 2 million people use the metro in Istanbul. The rail system target is very important in 2023. The government and parliament also need support. ”

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