Metro line pushing money

Metro line raises money: According to the research conducted by Habertürk and TSKB Real Estate Appraisal Company, the most expensive point of Istanbul is Etiler and Rumeli Hisarüstü metro station. According to the research, the sales prices of the houses on the metro line increase by 137.5 on the basis of the square meter, while this figure reaches to 100 in the rent increase.

According to other European metropolises, Istanbul met with rail network networks such as the metro and urban rail system. However, late arriving transportation networks are rapidly moving home and selling prices to world prices.

As Habertürk Newspaper, we have realized a joint work with TSKB Real Estate Appraisal Company and we have found out the prices and rents of housing prices in the region where the station is located and which are currently operating in Istanbul and which will be in service in the future.


According to the research, the most expensive point of Istanbul was the Etiler and Rumeli Hisarüstü metro stations where the square meter 18 thousand pounds were located. The Rumeli Hisarüstü stop on the M2-M6 metro lines, along with Taksim, has maintained its leading position in terms of rental price per square meter.

The housing prices were the cheapest, and the settlements with Osmangazi-Gebze-Darıca stations joined to Istanbul on the Marmaray-Gebze train line, which is currently under construction with a thousand square meters of 550. The rents in this area are the cheapest in the region with the square meter 6.50.

In the research, some concrete data about the price changes in the places where rail system projects are in Istanbul is remarkable. According to the 2013 in Ziya Gökalp neighborhood on the M3 line, the square meter prices for sale have increased by 137.5. The price of square meters in Mahmutbey located on the same line thousand 2 pounds 100 thousand 3 pounds jumped, the price of rental square meter 800 pound 800 pound 3 pound 500 increased by 8. These prices are expected to rise further.


Increasing the transportation possibilities in the outer walls where the new building stock is realized continuously outside the central regions of Istanbul causes the prices in these areas to increase rapidly. These sites, which have been implemented with the logic of the site in these regions, which can be reached by bus so far from the 3 thousand liras that the middle income group can reach, attract attention.


Between 2015 and 2019, it is aimed to implement a 441-kilometer rail system network in Istanbul. Considering the Anatolian side of Istanbul as one of the new projects to be implemented, one of them will reduce the 20-kilometer distance from Üsküdar to Çekmeköy and Sancaktepe, which are expected to open next year, to less than 30 minutes. Üsküdar - Ümraniye - Çekmeköy - Sancaktepe Metro Line. However, the 2016 Kartal-Kaynarca Metro and the Sabiha Gökçen Airport - Kaynarca Metro Line are expected to increase the regional prices rapidly the next year. In both continents of Istanbul HalkalıMarmaray Surface Metro project will start in Gebze.

On the European side, Mecidiyeköy - Kağıthane - Alibeyköy - Mahmutbey Metro Line, which is expected to open in 2017, Başakşehir - Kayaşehir Metro Line in 2018 and finally Mahmutbey, which is expected to be a medicine for the transportation problem in the region in 2019 - Halkalı - It is stated that the introduction of the Bahçeşehir Metro Line will remove these places from the 'inaccessible' status.


In this study, it was pointed out that how fast the urban transformation practices, which were mobilized against the big Istanbul earthquake, were supported by transportation projects. Accordingly, the settlements with old, unstable and sloppy building stock, such as Bağcılar, Mahmutbey, Yenikapı, Sanayi, Kartal, Acıbadem, Göztepe, Yenisahra, have met with the rail network, and the construction companies in these regions have engaged in urban transformation activities. In these regions located on the periphery near the center, contractors are competing among themselves in order to find suitable conversion areas on the island basis and to convince the right holders. It is not easy to see that the price increases in the second region near the center are also faster.


Makbule Yönel Maya, General Manager of TSKB Real Estate Appraisal, stated that the unit prices in the active transportation lines in Istanbul continued to rise continuously. “However, with the transportation lines in the planning phase and the construction lines in progress, the increase in the areas of these increases is possible. almost certainly. In 2011, after the Hacıosman stop, which was opened on the M2 line of the Istanbul Metro, there was an increase of 20. When it was decided to build, it was an increase beyond the price increases during the tender and during its construction,. Maya, Istanbul in the new era of metro, metrobus and Marmaray lines of the new station opening in the same way pointing up the price point, pointing to the value of the increase, he said.

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