Mersin - Konya high speed train line was given a date

Mersin - Konya date was given for the high-speed train line: representatives of leading media organizations traveling Anatolia, the pulse of a turning point for Turkey is planned to be held on 1 November election kontv. Anadolu Asking program has reached Mersin this time. Former Transport Minister Lütfi Elvan shed light on new projects and made important statements on the agenda.

The studio of Anadolu Asking Program, which met with the audience on KONTV screens, was set up in Mersin this time. Former Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lutfi Elvan and Mersin Candidate Mersin - Konya region would be in Turkey's Marmara and the second would provide a major contribution to trade, he said.

Elvan also gave dates for Mersin and Konya high-speed train line to be used in passenger and freight transportation. Elvan, regarding the YHT line, 'We have now reached Karaman from Konya. We will continue this line from Karaman to Mersin. Konya and Mersin line services will have started by 2019 at the latest, "he said.




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