Maritime and Logistics Sector Met in Aliağa

Maritime and Logistics Sector Met at Aliağa: Alix 40 where more than 3 million tons of loading and unloading is made annually from the ports in the city. International Port Management and Logistics Summit 'started yesterday.

On the first day of the 3 summit, new strategies and technologies were discussed on how to develop the port industry in the national and international markets. Leading representatives of the sector came together at the summit, which aimed to draw attention to the national and international aspects of port management and logistics with a broad perspective.


Deputy Governor of İzmir and İzmir Harbor Civil Supervisor Ufuk Seçmiş, CHP İzmir Deputy Prof.Dr. Adnan Saka, Chairman of the Board of Aliağa Chamber of Commerce, made the opening speech of the first session attended by Kamil Okyay Sındır and representatives of the port and logistics industry. In his speech, Saka gave information about the ports of the region, their problems and solution suggestions, “The realization rate of the Aegean Region's total exports of $ 23 billion from Aliağa ports is 43,71 percent. Imports from Aliağa are $ 10.7 billion. When looked at Aliağa alone, it has a foreign trade volume of 21 billion dollars. In addition, APM Terminals, one of the largest port operators in the world, which is currently under construction, is preparing to launch Petkim's Petlim Port in the first quarter of 1.3, with an initial capacity of 2016 million TEU. Ports in our Aliağa region, especially Batıçim, have embarked on a new investment move. All these investments and figures show that Aliağa will be one of the leading port regions of the country in the near future. ”

The Best Place To Have a 'ALİAĞA'

Saka said that Aliağa ports are a giant foreign trade point in the Mediterranean and Aegean, which provides a strategic superiority to our country. area, Hamburg and Bremen, and in 2012, we examined the ports of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Antwerp. As a result of this investigation, we witnessed once again that the logistics base planned to be established in İzmir would be more efficient in Aliağa. We think that it will be more feasible to establish logistics bases in regions where land, sea and rail transportation facilities are combined. It will be beneficial for our country and investors that the logistics base to be built in İzmir will be beneficial for our country since Aliağa is also at the center of all transportation networks and it is at a point suitable for all transportation modes. ”


Despite the great potential of the Aliağa harbors, the lack of back space in the port areas, storage, infrastructure problems and shortcomings in the areas of land, motorway and railway connections should be eliminated as soon as possible. 's General Directorate of Highways for the repair and asphalting of the problem in the region to act at the point of solution to create satisfaction, he said. Saka, on the other hand, within the 5 kilometer area of ​​Petkim Sitesi, iron steel factories between the end of the waiting for the way to be finished, he added.


Speaking after the opening speech at the summit, Imeak Maritime Chamber of Commerce İzmir Branch Chairman Yusuf Öztürk said that Aliağa is a candidate to be one of the actors of the big game that started in the transportation sector. Aliaga liquid petroleum cargoes also brought with momentum, indicating that the largest cargo port area that is experiencing the movement in Turkey Ozturk, "this year at ports in our region Aliaga in January-September amounted to 35 million 733 thousand tons of cargo movement took place. This figure is expected to reach 2015 million tons by the end of 45. In the first 9 months, the amount of containers handled at the ports in Aliağa reached 429 thousand TEU. This is an enormous improvement. We estimate that the amount of containers handled in Aliağa will reach equal levels with Alsancak Port. ”


Expressing that there are big duties for the state to mobilize the potential in Aliağa, Öztürk said, “It is very important to establish a railway and road connection of the ports. We happily learned that the New Foça Road to Nemrut Bay was being built. Captain Özkan Poyraz, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, announced that they have taken the request of making Aliağa a logistic base. Finally, we will be able to reach the infrastructure model of exemplary ports in Europe such as Hamburg and Rotterdam. ”

"Turkey is a very strategic country for us"

APM Terminals CEO Mogens Wolf Larsen Turkey, said Turkey is a very strategic country for themselves. Stating that APM is one of the largest port operators in the world, Larsen said, “The Petlim project is now completed. There is little left to open our port. We are very excited. We built a terminal building with a work of art. It will be opened in the first half of 2016. "It will be the largest and most effective port in the Aegean Region," he said.

Adnan Saka, President of Aliağa Chamber of Commerce, gave a plaque to Petlim Port General Manager Doğan Çırakoğlu due to new port investments.

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