Kocaeli Metropolitan Telecom Building Expropriated

Kocaeli Metropolitan Telecom Building was expropriated: Türk Telekom building, which will be demolished within the scope of the tram project, was bought by Metropolitan Metropolitan Municipality for 3 million 26 thousand 195 TL.

Expropriations are going on within the scope of the tram project, which is the first step of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality's goal of introducing the city with rail systems. Within this scope, Türk Telekom Provincial Building, located on the tram route, was expropriated by Büyükşehir. The 7-based Telecom building was acquired by the Metropolitan with the 3 million 26 thousand 195 TL.


The tram project of Büyükşehir continues at every stage. On the 7,2 km-long route, the tram will take two-way, and the bus station and Sekapark will take 24 every minute. Expropriation work on the route continues. The tram, which will depart from the stop at Fevziye Mosque within the route, will continue on the road where the fishermen are still and reach the İzmit YHT Station by the Central Bank. For this reason, the Turkish Telecom building on the route was expropriated and demolished.


The Türk Telekom building, located in the Dörtyol district of İzmit Kemalpaşa neighborhood, was acquired by the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Real Estate and Expropriation Department. The 387,5 m2 plot is planned to be demolished in February of the 2 after the evacuation of the 481 high-rise building with 2 bin 7 m2016.

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