Big train stopped, gave salute

The big train stopped and greeted: Railway guard Ibrahim Çivici, who walked for four seasons, 15 kilometers a day, 75 kilometers a week and secured the tracks, encountered an event he never expected after his story was published in Al Jazeera Türk. Çivici, who said that he did not greet him while passing by some machinists, reached his place.

Turkey, Ibrahim Al Jazeera nailers recognized the news published in Turkey. Çivici, who works on the Sultanhisar-Nazilli line in Aydın, has been a road guard for 20 years in railways. He walks 75 km a week and checks the line. Çivici reproached some machinists in the news and stated that he was upset that they passed by him. In his own words, he said, "You feel a crush in you." Not just nails; The majority of those who read the news were noted with phrases full of reproach.

Here he has reached my site, instead.

Just a few hours after the publication of the news, the mechanic of the passenger train who carried out the Nazilli-Söke campaign gave a salute to İbrahim Çivici, who was on the road.

Çivici, the salute comes at a time and place that never expects.

“I was a gatekeeper for a day at the level crossing between Sultanhisar and Atça. The passenger train that made the Nazilli-Söke expedition started to slow down as it approached the passage. It slowed down, slowed down, then stopped before me. I said, 'What happened, something?' The machinist friends said, 'I am İbrahim Sergeant, you are putting our hearts on it, when we see you, let's stop and greet you.' I thanked them, and then they moved away. ”

'For the first time in my career I received such a salute'

This is the first time Ibrahim Civici lived in his life. For the first time, a train stopped in front of Çivici, who spent the last 30 of his 20 year as a road guard. He sometimes took the self-respect from the train.

“I was both very surprised and very happy. It was the first time in my career that I received such a salute. ”

Ibrahim Civici, who devoted his life to the safety of railways. Loose nut on railways, looking for damaged rail, working for safety. He walks miles by foot in his hand, and the key in his back with rain bag. The distance traveled is 15 per day, which is 75 per week.

We walked along the railway line on a rainy day with road keeper Ibrahim Civici and we became a partner in his story.

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  1. This movement, which is undisputed, is a very great, extraordinary and compassionate thing. These servants are not really a simple thank you, they deserve thousands and millions of thanks, and they should be honored by the business in every way they need and deserve. Congratulations to the mechanics. BUT we must be thankful and grateful, and it is necessary to accept that gentlemen's actions are contrary to the rules of operation / operation C. Instead of stopping, each time the strong and the whistle to play more than once + hand shake the + + two line to send a card they write two lines, the operation would be four-quarters, and the servant's heart, permanently taken would be taken.
    Conclusion: no matter where and with which glasses you look, we are still the song!