Citizens from Kayseri react to the trams

Kayserili citizens to react to the trams: Old cars rented from Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality to relieve tram traffic was not liked. Citizens, the duration of the shortening of the time they find positive.

Metropolitan Municipality rented the 1972 model 8 rail system vehicle from Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality for 2 years in order to reduce the density experienced in the rail system line. The trams purchased started to serve on the University - Talas line. However, these trams receive a reaction from the citizens.

What does the citizen say?
Anıl Tolga Ateşli, a university student indicating that the trams are narrow; Or Trams make a lot of noise. During the journey, the vehicle is narrow and crowded. De Fatih Özdemir said at the University of Istanbul. . I think the image of the old trams is adapting to the historical texture around the square. However, comfort and size are below expectations. As said retired teacher Fehmi Başır, who was living in Talaas and said that he used tram continuously. Lent Trams are not useful. They worked with a double-carriage and now they're down. People are getting hard, especially for college students. I am not at all satisfied with this situation. Eski Consultant Mustafa flow said that the duration of the expedition is positive, an but there are no ventilation and holding places in the old vehicles. Bu

What does the municipality say?
According to the information we received from the Press Directorate of Metropolitan Municipality about the placing of the old trams, the rented trams were put on the busy University-Talas line and the time of 20 minutes went down to 13 minutes. 30 said the new tram order was given and 2 will start serving in the year; In order to meet the increasing passenger demand during this period, the 2 rail system vehicle has been rented from the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality for the 8 yearly, and the new trams will be towed.

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