The Passage of Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge

The transfer fee of Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge: The construction of Izmit Bay Passage Bridge, which is the most important part of the Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir highway project, which was announced by the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Feridun Bilgin in March, 2016 month after 5 month, is under construction.

Approaching the end of the main carrier cable laying in the beginning of December will begin laying. 433 part of the project, which is the total length of the 50 km 3,5 completed. With a huge project that will bring Istanbul-Izmir between 650 hours, it is planned to save $ 35 million annually. The determined toll is XNUMX dollar plus VAT equivalent Turkish lira.

It is stated that the main cable that will carry the two sides of the Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge consists of a total of 330 thousand meters thin steel cable. It is learned that the main cable has been partially completed with 75 of the withdrawal process. At the end of next month, after the completion of the installation of the cable, the tables will be lifted one after the other. Floating cranes will be placed in the place to be brought to the tables.

The Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir (Izmit Gulf Crossing and Connection Roads) Motorway Project, which is tendered by the General Directorate of Highways under the Build-Operate-Transfer model, covers the 384 kilometer, including the 49 kilometer highway and the 433 kilometer linkage road. 89, Gebze-Gemlik and 81 in Gebze-Orhangazi-Bursa section, and 74 in Kemalpaşa-İzmir section of the Gebze-Gemlik region, where the construction works are going on, has been realized in the whole of the giant project including 50.

2 682 meters in total planned as a total of 1500 meters of meters will be the 3 meter and the world's fourth largest bridge with the middle opening was specified. When the bridge is over, 3 will serve as 6 lanes for going and 2 arrival. There will also be a service strip on the bridge. When the Gulf Transition Bridge is completed, the 1 hour is currently going around the Gulf, with the ferry to the 6 hour, the gulf transition time will go down to the average 1.1 hour. Izmit Bay Transition Bridge 8 is realized with a billion dollar investment. When the project is completed, the 10-3,5 hour in Istanbul-Izmir route will be at 650 hour and XNUMX million dollars will be saved annually.

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