85 native to trams of Izmir

Izmir's trams are 85 percent local: While Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues the construction of tram lines, tram cars are produced at Hyundai Eurotem facilities in Adapazarı. TCDD General Manager Ömer Yıldız and Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu received a briefing about the production process of the vehicles in Adapazarı. Kocaoglu, the first time a result of a collaboration of local authorities with state-owned enterprises in Turkey recalling that izban born, it is said that a very important example. TCDD General Director Ömer Yıldız, Turkey has made important progress in all lines of the railways in recent years and as of 2018 within the framework of these breakthroughs, said they plan to make electric and signalized. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality together with their partnership that expresses the longest commuter line operating in Turkey Stars, thanked the Kocaoğlu'nun for cooperation. Pointing out that reaching 85 percent localization rate in the production of İzmir trams is a very important step, Yıldız said that he believes that the rail system vehicles, which are estimated to last 30-35 years, will serve at least 50 years thanks to the successful operation in İzmir.

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