Izmirim Card At Your Service

My Izmir Card is Coming
My Izmir Card is Coming

Izmirim Kart is at your service: Izmirim Kart yeni Izmirim Kart ”, the new public transportation card of Izmir, is offered for sale from noon to today. At the first stage, the new smart cards, which were printed 300 thousand pieces, were delivered to the dealers and sales desks with the completion of the test processes.

The new cards to be used in the public transportation of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, Metro and İZBAN stations and the tolls in İZDENİZ piers and the dealers throughout the city are offered for sale from noon to today. It was stated that new cards prepared under the name of ild İzmirim Kart cihazı successfully passed all test processes and system compatibility was tried by using validators in public transportation vehicles and turn-key access points. The General Directorate of ESHOT announces that the 300 ı İzmirim Kart ini will be put on sale and the card sales price has not changed (6 TL).

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, continues to work on the use of the transportation card system in a much wider range.

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