İzmirDeniz Project was awarded with Raci Bademli Best Practices Award

İzmirDeniz Project was awarded with the Racı Bademli Best Practices Award: The Izmir Sea Project was awarded the k Best Practices Award of the 2015 Year dü by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's Center for Urban Planners in order to X strengthen the relationship of the citizens with the sea ap.

The "Raci Bademli Good Practices Award", which has been implemented every two years since 2003 for the purpose of evaluating and awarding successful plans and projects aimed at solving problems, which has been put into practice by the Chamber of Urban Planners of TMMOB in urban planning and urbanism issues, has been awarded to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality received this award with the “İzmirdeniz - Coastal Design Project”, which was initiated with the aim of redesigning the coastline extending from Mavişehir to İnciraltı.

The contest jury, which was gathered at the Headquarters of TMMOB Chamber of City Planners, gave the ver Best Practices Award of Raci Bademli in 14 ver to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality as a result of the evaluation made between the 2015 project and prepared within the scope of Plan Saadet Mirci House esi and ”Museum of Radio and Democracy Uygulam received the ediy Racı Bademli Best Practices Award e for the” Borna Bornova İyi of the Municipality of Bornova and the ova Terracotta Earth Parks m projects of the Tepebaşı Municipality of Eskişehir. The awards, 5 November 2015, Trabzon, Black Sea Technical University Dr. Osman Turan Culture and Congress Center 8 November World Urbanism Day organized by the colloquium will be given. The projects will be exhibited at 5-8 November at the same congress center.

Prize kazanThe projects were submitted to the European Urban and Regional Planning Achievement Awards competition, which is held biennially by The European Council of Spatial Planners, of which TMMOB Chamber of City Planners is a member, and other similar international projects. competition, exhibition, colloquium etc. sent to organisations.

The project is going on stage

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir conducted by your project, most of Izmir in the design framework created by the volunteers come together over 100 of urban and industrial designers with key architect of Turkey was prepared. Gulf; Mavişehir-Alaybey, Alaybey-Alsancak Port, Alsancak Port-Konak and Konak-Üçkuyular were divided into 4 regions.

Within the scope of the project, which aims to provide freedom of movement and continuity on the 40 km length from İnciraltı City Forest to Mavişehir and to make the roads kes providing easy access to the shore, not cutting the shore ' , such as the city beach, applications are implemented one by one.

Within the scope of the "İzmirdeniz - Coastal Design Project", the coasts between Passport, Konak Pier - Karataş and Üçkuyular - Göztepe Pier have been arranged so far. The tender for coastal arrangement projects between Göztepe Pier and Konak has been concluded. The city square application project, which will take place in front of Mithatpaşa Industrial Vocational High School, is being prepared. Bayraklı Located between Şelale Stream and Adnan Kahveci Köprülü Interchange Bayraklı Construction tender works are continuing within the second phase of the coastal arrangement.

Who is Raci Bademli?

Raci Bademli, who was awarded by the Chamber of Urban Planners, gave lectures on "Introduction to City and Planning", "Urban Design and Planning Processes", "Planning Studio" and "Creative Thinking and Problem Solving" at METU Faculty of Architecture, Department of City and Regional Planning.

Bademli assumed the role of Ankara Metropolitan Development Department during the Mayorship of Murat Karayalçın in 1989 and evaluated the opportunities he could put his theses into practice during his duty until 1995.

prof. Bademli also took part in projects implemented by the United Nations and the World Bank in Algeria, Afghanistan, Vietnam and China. Ankara Ulus Square and Surrounding Project Competition kazanwas the leader of the team. Continuing his academic and professional life with social responsibility and an attitude towards the poor, Bademli passed away on September 1, 2003 at a very young age.

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