Izmir Metro faulted expeditions for a while

The Izmir Metro failed, the voyages were interrupted for a while: The Izmir Metro did not run for a while due to the compressor failure on the train. Citizens revolt from social media

The scene that emerged when the metro broke down on the density experienced by opening schools in Izmir, did not find the Beijing subway in China. Citizens who were late for their work and school due to the malfunction rebelled via Twitter. Fahrettin Altay was hesitated yesterday morning due to the compressor failure that occurred in the direction of the train. Those who want to catch up with work and schools had to wait a long time at the stations, while the accumulations haunted everyone. In the statement made by İzmir Metro AŞ's Twitter account, the following statements were made: “Due to the failure, short-term smoke occurred in the platform and the defective vehicle was taken to Evka 3 station. Due to the malfunction that does not disturb passenger and operational safety but causes disruptions and delays in the operating program, the platforms are concentrated. Experiencing the problem during the morning intensity has been a factor that increases passenger victimization. The trips returned to normal in a short time and the passenger density in the platforms was eliminated. We apologize to our passengers for this breakdown and the delay afterwards. ”

Due to malfunction, even two-way train services between Evka 3 and Fahrettin Altay were stopped for about 15 minutes. Meanwhile, there was a problem in the flow of the trips due to the accumulation in the stations. When the subway broke down, a 6-7 minute journey from Hatay to Çankaya lasted 60 minutes. Passengers were evacuated at Konak station due to excessive accumulation.

Citizens who were late to work and school because of the malfunction rebelled via Twitter. Some of the articles written on Twitter are as follows: Merve Çakmak: The same disgrace every day and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Çağrı Ç .: 30 September 2015 İzmir Metro disgrace… Ayça Atay: The first week of the school every year is the same disgrace. It was a living city, a living city! The infamous city! Fazıl Ahmet Ulus: We are willing to work properly 3-4 days a week. Selen: We shoot the İzmir Metro. We are stuck in the Hilal you know.

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