Izmir will be the base of Modern Silk Road

Izmir will be the base of the Modern Silk Road: Izmir will be a strategic base on the Modern Silk Road. Izmir-Ankara YHT, Baku-Tbilisi-Kars will connect with the train line. Izmir will become a transfer hub. AK Party Izmir deputy candidate Binali Yildirim, "Izmir no longer can not keep anyone," he said

The strategic importance of İzmir, whose transportation and logistics infrastructure is getting stronger, is increasing in world trade. İzmir has been determined as the center and strategic base of the Modern Silk Road, which will now regain its former importance. Caspian Strategy Institute (HASEN) by yesterday at the conference held in Izmir, Turkey and Izmir were discussed steps to be taken to regain their former glory in this area. Quickly world trade center Transportation voicing shifted towards Turkey, Maritime Affairs and Communications former Minister and AK Party İzmir deputy candidate Yıldırım, "In the past that brought silk with Europe came from China and the trading of the pass line of the Silk Road, today replaced by high-speed train and left it to the ships. With the Izmir-Ankara high speed line and the Istanbul-Izmir highway ending, İzmir will become a new base in this trade. Thus, İzmir-Ankara, which will be connected to Baku-Tbilisi-Kars train line, which is planned to be opened next year, will become Izmir transfer center with its high-speed train. Nobody will be able to hold Izmir anymore. ”

Racing with Istanbul

The “Strategic Base on the Modern Silk Road: İzmir” conference, moderated by journalist Hakan Çelik, was held at İnciraltı Wyndham Hotel. Turkey's Yildirim said that in a region where three continents come together, at least Istanbul said it was so important in the global trade of Izmir determined as the strategic base of the modern Silk Road. Yıldırım said that Istanbul is the only province where Izmir will compete.

Nobody can hold

Lightning, especially a marine transportation capacity will be reached at the top of Turkey said that the introduction of port capacity in Nemrut Bay and Çandarli. Now the development of the center of the world's wealth much higher acceleration continued in Africa, the Far East, the Pacific and registration Stating that the Middle East countries, "As Turkey, we innkeeper anyone passengers. We need to know this. We saw this in 2002 and started investment immediately. We said that we should fix the east-west and north-south corridors without delay and we finished. We did this on the highway, and we do it on the railway. ” Direct railway between Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey pointed out that a major shortcoming in the transportation Lightning, "I know it's not very easy to accomplish. When we entered this project as an excited minister, they said to us, 'You are dealing with things over your height.' It was really hard. We discussed the project for 4 years. We deal with 4-5 ministers in Georgia. We finally started. We swam the business and brought it to its tail. It will be finished. No more excuses. We will run the trains from there next year. After connecting the Izmir-Ankara high-speed train line to Baku-Tbilisi-Kars line, nobody will be able to catch Izmir. ”

Strategic base

Stating that the concept of strategic partnership should not be talked about, and that Azerbaijan and SOCAR did this best, Yıldırım said, “I especially thank SOCAR for making this investment in İzmir. Izmir is also becoming an energy and export base. ”

Train request from Mustafayev

Reminding that the historical Silk Road has shifted to the oceans, Yavuz also reminded that the Ottoman Empire was among the causes of the decline and collapse. “Our period of rise started with the revival of the historical Silk Road over us. Turkey has carried out a major infrastructure revolution. As the architect, with the addition of our Minister, with the addition of the Baku-Istanbul-Izmir highway, Izmir is becoming the base of the historical Silk Road. ” He also Turkey-Azerbaijan partnership and brotherhood with Turkey's largest real sector investments to the signature of the horse they are and refinery to spend an integrated production model implemented a $ 10 billion investment plan that voicing Yavuz, 2018 will also TANAP Project's completion, he said. TRACECA Azerbaijani National Secretary Akif Mustafayev thanked Yıldırım on behalf of the Azerbaijani people for their transportation investments by evaluating the possible effects of the modernization of the Silk Road on the Eurasian trade. Mustafayev stated that they tied their hopes to the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars train, which is expected to be completed in 2015, and conveyed their demands in this direction. HASEN General Secretary Haldun Yavaş, an independent think tank based in Istanbul, said that the Aegean port is the transportation hub to Europe on the Historical Silk Road.


Izmir-Ankara high-speed train line will be connected to Baku-Tbilisi-Kars route

This line will extend over the Caspian Sea to China

Products arriving from Izmir ports to Europe will be transported to the Far East via this line

The products coming to İzmir from the east by train will be taken to Europe via İzmir Ports.

Expansion of ports and employment with new investments will increase Izmir will become an attraction center

The infrastructure will be modernized and the increasing volume of people and trade in the region will also stimulate the service sector.



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