New High Speed ​​Trains Coming to Italy

New High Speed ​​Trains to Italy: A new agreement has been signed for Pendolino high-speed trains to be produced for use in Italian railways. The agreement signed between Italian high-speed train operator NTV and Alstom includes the purchase of eight high-speed trains, as well as 20-year maintenance of these trains. The agreement of 460 million Euros was signed on 29 October.

In addition to the 25 high-speed train in Italy, NTV is scheduled to be delivered in 2017.

In a statement from Alstom, the trains will be of 187 m length and will also have 500 passenger capacity. Trains 250 m / s can travel quickly. Pendolino trains stand out as a member of Alstom's Avelia train family. Pendolino trains are used in intercity high speed transportation. The production of trains will be carried out at the company's factory in Savigliano. The maintenance of the trains will take place in Nola near Naples.


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