Istanbul Coffee Festival

Istanbul Coffee Festival: Istanbul Coffee Festival, which will be held for the second time this year, carries the life culture of 3 Wave Coffee Stream to 22-25 October 2015. Haydarpaşa Train Station is one of the epic points of Istanbul. invites you to travel.

In the festival where there is no one who doesn't hear the remembrance of Turkish coffee, Istanbul's leading coffee shops, special coffee, tea and signature food, beverage brands, coffee machine manufacturers, demonstrations and presentations from professional baristas, caffeine festival to be celebrated with plenty of tastes and treats, as well as new year's special advantage prices, interactive workshops, seminars, acoustic concerts, art exhibitions and many other interesting events.

The Istanbul Coffee Festival! Is the meeting point of the coffee itself, its fragrance, its tools, its coffee shops, its culture, its coffee books, and its coffee-related issues.

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