İpekböceği Trams Start Test Drive in Bursa

Silkworm Trams Started Test Drives in Bursa: The T2 light rail system line, which was built to expand the urban transportation network in Bursa, finally got its trams. To be used on the line Durmazlar The first two of the 12 trams were given to the company.

Recently, in Bursa, the rail system lines are given great importance in order to bring the city transportation to better standards. As a result, the new T2 line, along with the transportation rail, has reached the terminal. It will also be used to serve the newly purchased silkworm trams.

The T2 urban light rail line has a length of 10,2 and an 11 station. There is also the possibility to transfer to other lines from the 6 station on the line. With this line, a new step has been taken in the name of long term urban transportation planning of Bursa.

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