Competitor to Avenio Silkworm

Avenio Silkworm rivals:DurmazlarAvenio 2018, which will be produced in the factory to be established by Siemens in Gebze, will be the competitor of Silkworm produced by.

130 who have years of experience in the German industrial giant Siemens electric tram production in recent years, will invest in the rapidly developing sectors in Turkey 30 million euros. Siemens is planning to manufacture the first vehicles at its new plant in Gebze, at the beginning of 2018.

Siemens Rail Systems Division Manager Jochen Eickholt growing public transport sector in Turkey every year stating that they wanted to go one step forward in, stressed that they want to achieve success in the tram market. The world's stating that use of the rail system in many countries they produce Eickholt, also with regard to the new factory will be built in Turkey, Avenio series tram Our success has proved in many countries. Now we aim to strengthen our success in the global market. The target here in the best way, he said, we believe that we managed our factory in Turkey.

pointing out that Siemens Turkey, Chairman and CEO Hüseyin Gelis also be one of the areas with high growth potential in the near future of Turkey of the transport sector, high-speed trains and light rail our growth in the transportation area we need corporate strategy, mainly system was planned to be carried out in several phases.

This factory is the first phase of this strategy. The vehicles to be produced in our factory will be used in many countries both in our country and abroad. Our factory will be an important production center for Siemens Transportation Department and it will create additional added value for our country with its export revenue.

According to Siemensten, the annual growth rate of the urban public transport sector is 3 on average, and many new suppliers from Eastern Europe and Asia as well as the well-known producers are involved in the tram market, and these suppliers can turn lower production costs into advantages. A large number of suppliers serving the world market have production facilities outside Western Europe. Siemens also aims to secure the competitiveness of the local supply chain and tram market with its own factory in Turkey, the statement said.

13 billion euros for rail transport

Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Işık, in line with city rail public transportation targets 2023 6 500 set to take the tram or metro vehicles said that they foresee. National Rail Vehicle Systems Development (MİLRT) project evaluated the Science, Industry and Technology Minister Intellectual Light, the development as a native of the city rail vehicles traction and control systems, said the large distance to katettir Turkey. Light, in this context, last year's budget of Turkey Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey Marmara Research Center (MAM) met with internal resources, National Rail Vehicle Systems Development sourced 1,7 million pounds, said he started to work for the Project.

Within the scope of the project, we aim to complete the Light, National Rail Vehicle Systems Development Project in November 2016 together with the on-site field tests. The traction system developed within the scope of the project was developed by Bursaray Duewag Metro Vehicle and Bozankaya He said that we plan to be implemented on the tram vehicle.

Light, draw frame system prototype production studies continue, laboratory tests and 2016 in the middle of the year after the mid-year vehicle application and field tests are also aimed to realize the light. said the total investment amount is about 2 billion euros. Light, the cost of the vehicles in question when looking at the ratio of the vehicles in the vehicle approximately 2023 rate, he said.

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