Repairing Scrap Locomotives

Scrap Locomotive Repair they Meat: Institution turkey coal in Zonguldak (TCC) pulling coal wagons years under ground and scrapping the two locomotives, dry depends Armutçuk Head Directorate repaired by the body in engine service employees were brought up and running again.

Two locomotives, which pulled coal wagons for 400 and 500 meters underground at the Armutçuk Organization Directorate's mine quarry for years, were scrapped on the grounds that they filled their economic life last May. 2 workers working in the Motor Service have reworked the locomotives by working for 5 months. The workers repaired locomotives with a market value of 3 thousand liras at low cost and put them back into use.

The General Mine Workers' Union Vice President Isa Mutlu, the workers repair the locomotive of the institution, the organization is saved from a cost of approximately 400-500 thousand pounds, he said. Happy, he said:

“The maintenance and repair of these locomotives was carried out in limited, approximately 3 months. They brought the locomotives that were scrapped back to the institution. Our workers are doing their best to keep the institution alive and to benefit the institution. This is an example of what they can do when the necessary facilities are provided.



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