The name of the fast and the steep journey, Metrobus

The name of fast and painful journey, Metrobus: Preferred by those who do not want to stay in traffic for hours, metrobus reaches the other end of Istanbul in a record time of 85 minutes. We have compiled the 'Golden Rules of Metrobus' for you with our journey from Beylikdüzü to Söğütlüçeşme, getting on the metrobus, which has become unbearable due to the congestion in the stops and in the vehicle.

Vehicle traffic intensifies due to the constantly increasing population in Istanbul, making transportation the biggest problem. Metrobus, which is mostly preferred by employees and students, carries a series of ordeals with it, although it is fast. We said 'Let's take a look' to the ordeal of the metrobus, where respect for the elders was not mentioned, gentlemen was put on the shelf, and social equality (!) Was ensured without discrimination between pregnant and child-old.

As you ride, you must first enter the queue starting from the metrobus upper passage. After passing the turnstile, the race begins to find a place in the crowd. Being in front of the queue may not be enough. You should calculate well where the door will coincide and adjust your position on the stand accordingly. A few-inch miscalculation can stop you from riding. You must be fast and agile. 6 to stop. you should remember the possibility that the next metrobus may be empty before the vehicle gets burned.

While traveling, do not think that you will breathe a sigh of relief just because you stepped on the metrobus. Because first of all, you have to get used to breathing in an oxygen-poor environment. Rumors start at every stop where the driver stops. At the next stop, a few more people get into the vehicle that you say 'nobody can fit anymore'. Passengers who get on without paying attention to what was said at the previous stop take their place among those said at the next stop. Don't mind when getting on, don't be told inside, just move forward. Finding a seat is as impossible as finding an oasis in the desert. Do not have empty dreams and stop looking at the seated like a hawk. If you can find a place to hold, you can count yourself as one of the lucky winners of the day. If you do not have that, do not enter into arabesque situations like 'I have not a single branch left to hold on', even if you do not hold from nowhere, it is impossible for you to fall in that congestion.

There is only one rule that you need to pay attention to when you are descending.

Some interesting landscapes that take place on the metrobus carrying hundreds of thousands of passengers every day are as follows:

A woman is riding the metrobus with her baby in her arms. Full 7 stop 8 with standing baby waiting. only stops at the stop. Saying that the images that appeared in the ride on the metrobus were awful, Leyla T. said: They're throwing shoulders, they're pushing. The landscapes of the Metrobus are terrible. Met

Im There is no traffic, you don't have anything, you're driving comfortably. You go comfortably wide, you take passengers at every stop, of course. . There are passengers on the gears. They think we're comfortable here. Believe us that we are struggling. Or In spite of all the hardships and hardships of funny and sometimes painful places, metrobus is an indispensable means of transportation for citizens.

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