2 Stations To Be Built In Yenişehir For High Speed ​​Train

2 Stations will be Made for Yenişehir for High Speed ​​Train: Yenişehir Mayor SÜLEYMAN ÇELİK announced that two of the high speed train stations will be built in Yenişehir.

Yenişehir Mayor Süleyman Çelik said, “In the past, we faced different expressions as a landslide related to high speed train construction. We had meetings with our deputy Hüseyin Şahin. Normal line work on connection to the Osmaneli region from the Seymen tunnels coming from the direction of Bursa continues. ”

Stating that the good news given by Şahin is very important, Mayor Çelik said, “Along with the high speed train station at the airport point, it is very important for our local people and our industrialists to build a second freight station facing our road between İnegöl and Yenişehir in this region. I hope this station will be useful to our businessmen. "It is very important for us to build 2016 stations, which will start in early 2, as both passenger and freight stations in Yenişehir."

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