New Metro Lines to Mumbai, India

New Metro Lines to be Built to Mumbai, India: Two new metro lines to Mumbai, India kazanThe projects carried out on behalf of the government were approved by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In a statement on 11 October, it was stated that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had agreed to allocate funds from the state budget for the new lines.

The first of the lines will be 18,5 km in total from south Dahisar to DN Nagor. There will be 17 stations on the line. It is estimated that the construction of the line will cost about 49,9 billion Indian Rupees (678 million Euros). It was stated that the line, which is planned to be completed in 2021, will carry approximately 407000 passengers per day.

The second line will be a total length of 16,5 km from east Dahisar to east Adheri. Even 16 units will be found. The cost of the line is estimated to be around 47,4 billion Indian Rupee (665 million euros). 2021 will be transported about 529000 passengers per day on this even planned to be finished.


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