High Speed ​​Train Brought to Eskisehir

High Speed ​​Train Brought to Eskişehir: Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce (ETO) prepared by the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Eskisehir Research on the Effects of the Old and the story of an Old City was presented with a meeting held.

Head of ETO, Metin Güler, the academicians and writers who prepared the books participated in the presentation. ETO President Metin Güler, who first spoke at the meeting, explained the effects of high-speed train in Eskişehir where önemli The Effects of High Speed ​​Train to Eskişehir Survey ler book and the effects of high-speed train were very important, after the survey studies conducted with an academic, scientific feature. It was prepared. In the book, there is a passenger profile that comes to Eskişehir, what the passengers want and what the investors should do. We have prepared a summary that tradesmen and traders can understand. De

Eskişehir, the passengers of the 40'ın the day of the transfer of the unity of the transfer of President Güler said, 'We find it difficult for passengers to stay in Eskisehir. In the next period, the route of Sivas, Izmir, Bursa and Konya and 20 passengers will pass through Eskişehir. The book will contribute greatly to the traders, industrialists and our people. Again, it will make an important contribution to the cultural life of the city. Yine

Also referring to the book of an Old City Story, President of ETO Güler, "Very qualified everyone should be at the bedside, a very comprehensive book with the stories of all districts, supported with documents that have never been published," he said.

Later, one of the authors of the book. Dr. Muharrem Afsar made a presentation about the effects of High Speed ​​Train to Eskisehir. Referring to the scientific data emerging with the book, Afsar, YHT is one of the developments in the global world, thus touching on the effects of modernization began to feel deeply Eskişehir said. indicating that the recent period of Eskişehir's economy showed an improvement over Turkey's economy Afshar, 2023 years in goal; 5 floor growth is expected to increase the share of the railway in the transportation sector. The purpose of this study is to reveal the effects of YHT on Eskişehir's economy and social life. Dr. Afshar, said:

Ile Data from the passengers using YHT were obtained from the questionnaires. We studied with 3 bin 700 personality questionnaire. According to this; Most of those using YHT are educated and equipped with high school and university degrees. According to the findings, Eskişehir has a perception that it is a suitable city for holidays. After YHT, the rate of arrival in Eskişehir increased by 98. 40 of the arrivals comes for holiday and amusement, with friends visiting relatives this rate reaches 75. On the day of arrivals, 35 will stay at 3 for more than 50 days. Eskişehir has a sense of a city that is suitable for a family holiday and has a sense of a city that can be reached for the weekend. Esk

Standing on the daily accommodation costs. Dr. Muharrem Afşar, the data; citizen 75 and 150 pounds of accommodation is in expectation, but the current price of hotels in this show that the owners have pointed out that this issue should be noted.
Then ETO President Metin Güler said, ıs If you increase the number of 5 star hotels here, you need to know that there is not a lot of accommodation here. Daha

Professor Dr. Afsar, YHT Eskişehir with the average 280 a week end of those who spend a week, YHT this year, the 1 million 800 thousand times a year, this means about 900 thousand people said that, N This is an annual income of 84 million pounds. A significant portion of this amount; Hotels, restaurants, cultural activities also means to be spent, faaliyet he said.

The book also describes how Eskişehir's connotations are also described. Dr. Afşar, eh Eskişehir associations Porsuk and Adalar, parks, university, student city, history, Odunpazari. What answers would you like to have in Eskişehir? There are shortcomings in the sea, fair and festival events and the city's entertainment center.

He also summarized the important information in the book's conclusions, expectations and recommendations. Dr. Afshar said:
Ası YHT requires Eskişehir to be ready for competition, and the first expected development in the city should be in the services area. Eskişehir people living in other cities, other cities of Eskisehir easier access and therefore Eskişehir investors from other cities means that they have competitors. Getting to Eskişehir will make it easier for them to reach Eskişehir. High-speed train should not be perceived as a locomotive engine of economic growth. However, it can create new business lines and increase labor force among sectors. We see that examples from the world are transitioned from primary economy to secondary economy through HRT, for example; from mining to manufacturing. We are expected to increase the weight of services sector with YHT, which is already in the secondary stage in Eskisehir. YHT should mobilize the capital of Eskişehir region, if Eskişehir investor does not make a change in this sense, others will come and invest here. Y

Professor Dr. Afşar pointed out that Eskişehir had lost its characteristic of being a city of education and said, ğ A foundation university or state university should be established quickly. A state university or a state university promised by TOBB can be established by the foundation university. The other universities that will be opened in the city will come with educated, cultured people. This means new areas where you will use qualified information technologies ağ.

Speaking after the presentation, President of ETO Metin Güler stated:
Rapor I shared the report of the book with local administrators. We live in a city with a hundred-year-old infrastructure of the high-speed train, and we should work with the local administrators and politicians of the city. The rail system center project should be implemented, the test center should start to work and the aviation sector should be developed. For this, you need to set more qualified, meaningful goals, after that the industry needs to be supported, we can see that the service sector will be more prominent. However, we cannot plan the future, we do not have a report on where the city will develop. Therefore, the city needs to have a city plan, the city needs 3, the 4 university. We should work with local actors. Yerel

Later, the author of an Old City Story, a product of 3 years of labor, Assoc. Dr. Zafer Koylu explained important developments in the history of the city between 1923 and 1938.

The book titled e The Story of an Old City kil published by the Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce was published by Zafer Koylu and Melis Birgün; Dr. Muharrem Afşar, Professor Dr. Zafer Erdoğan, Professor Dr. Erol Kutlu, Assoc. Dr. Sezgin Açıkalın, Assoc. Dr. Aslı Afşar, Assoc. Dr. Prof. Dr. Fikret Er, Asst. Assoc. Dr. Tuğberk Tosunoğlu prepared.

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