First step for airport train line

The first step for the airport train line: with the 3rd Bridge and the Airport Halkalı to conduct a survey and consultancy tender for the railway line

The first step is taken for the railway project that will provide airport and European connections by crossing the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. TCDD, 3rd Bridge, 3rd Airport and Halkalı will be held on the tender of the railway line between the study and consultancy.

Final arrangements will be made on the land for expropriation, construction, route arrangement and station locations on the route of the line. Final studies, plan modifications and mapping will be carried out for the tunnels, viaducts and crossing points on the railway line that will provide access to the bridge and airport projects under construction. From the 3rd Bridge HalkalıIt will also be determined how much expropriation will be made on which lands related to the passage of the 62-kilometer project up to and on which route to be passed.

According to the project, after the high-speed train leaves the 3rd Bridge, it will enter a 700-meter tunnel on the European Side. Unlike the ring road, the high-speed train, which will continue on its own route, will stop at the 3rd Airport. Then, leaving around Odayeri with scissors, turning to Başakşehir (Kayabaşı) HalkalıHe will go to. New Railway, Halkalıwill be connected to the Marmaray Project, which continues to improve suburban lines. Halkalı- The new train line, which will be integrated with the Kapıkule YHT Project, can also be used in passenger and freight transportation. In the tender at the invitation stage, the final decision will be made after the official deadline on November 24.

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