South Korean Capital Seule New Metro Line Works

A New Subway Line Is Built to South Korean Capital Seoul: A new subway line is being built in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. The line, called the Sillim Line, will be located in the southwestern region of Seoul. The construction of the line, which started on October 18, is planned to be completed within 60 months. The introduction of the line to the public is envisaged as 2021.

The first stop of the line starting from Seoul's Yeovido district will be Seoul National University. There will be 7,8 station even 11 km long. It will also be possible to transfer from some stations to other metro lines. In fact, the 12 3'er will be able to provide access to all wheeled and underground wheeled trains.

Half of the financing required for the construction of the line will be covered by Nam Seoul Light Rail Transit (NSLRT), which consists of XaUMX company under the leadership of Daelim. The other half of the 14 part of the city's resources, the portion of the state will be covered by% 38.

The line was planned to be part of Seoul city planning. In Seoul, 2025 will be built up by 7 and 3 extension will be completed.

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