Germany Railways will remove 5 bin, Siemens 350 staff

German Railways 5 bin, Siemens 350 staff to be released: German Railways (DB) 5 bin and Siemens announced that it will terminate 350 personnel.

According to the information obtained from the workers representatives DB, 5 thousand employees will break the path. The dismissal will be more of the freight transport unit. If the DB, which employs a total of around 20 thousand employees, will have laid off one of every four employees in the event that the freight transport unit divides the roads with so many employees. The number of personnel to be removed by the DB from the loading unit is on the agenda. It is estimated that the WB under the burden of debt is planning to dissolve the accumulated debt of 500 billion euros by lower income.

In recent years, the DB has had a significant share of its competitors. At the beginning of this competition, there are intercity passenger bus companies that are new to the market and increase their customer potential day by day. It is expected that the amount of debt expected for the DB this year will be 150 million Euros. Considering these, the DB Auditing Board is expected to approve and implement the new plan in December.


At the Siemens Company in Duisburg, 350 personnel are on the agenda. Siemens, who had employed 2 bin 600 people in Duisburg Hochfeld, had been bought by an American company in recent months. Planning to upgrade profit margin immediately after the purchase, the new management wants to start with reducing employment. The reason for the reduction of employment is the fact that the products in the factory of the company in the USA are the same as here and thus the need can be eliminated from there. In the meantime, workers' representatives are preparing for hard negotiations with the company management.

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