Lands in Gebzede

In Gebze, the lands are giving rise to an appetite: the third bridge and the bridge of the gulf bridge increased interest in Gebze. Especially in the village of Denizli, the land around 450 acres of attention to the attention once again turned to Gebze.

The country is on the agenda with Gebze land once again. While some of the big companies move their centers to Gebze, some big projects are shifted to the region. Investors are looking for land in big square meters for giant plants they will build. The planned facilities are expected to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. The mobility in the region increased the interest of the land investor in the region. In the region where investors demand land in different square meters, prices have increased by 30 percent in the last year. Experts, Gebze, Turkey says it is poised to become the region's most valuable asset.


Although Gebze, which is located in the district of Kocaeli, is a district of Istanbul, the star of Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Motorway was shining. The way of connecting the third Bosphorus Bridge, which is being constructed in Istanbul, passes through the region, has placed Gebze in the most important intersection of the road between Istanbul and Izmir. Gebze will become an important center not only in highway transportation but also in railway transportation. Closing Haydarpasa Train Station will assume the district's mission, Turkey will be the last stop of the train coming from many regions. In addition to the high speed train line passing through the region, the Istanbul Metro is planned to be extended to Gebze.

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