First Trolleybus Tosun First Steamer

First Trolleybus Tosun First Steamboat: The first Vapur to Marmaray exhibition, Seyrü Sefer İstanbul, opened with the exhibition of two centuries old transportation history of Istanbul. We talked to Akın Kurtoğlu, the researcher who chose 50 bin transport photograph from the 4 thousand photos for the exhibition

Akın Kurtoğlu (49) 35 is doing research on the history of Istanbul and transportation vehicles. She calls herself ”the historian of urban transportation”. Researching the 50 thousand photographs in the archives and private collections in Istanbul, Kurtoğlu completed his research on transportation vehicles in Istanbul for two years. After the research was published by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Culture Inc. under the name of 100 Transportation Vehicle, the exhibition idea emerged. After two months of preparation, 1820'lerdan today serving in the urban transportation of land, sea, rail and air transportation vehicles photos and the exhibition of the magical materials opened yesterday.

The first Vapurdan Marmaray exhibition called an Seyrü Sefer İstanbul al includes a total of 150 nostalgic transport vehicle photographs and ephemeral collections from private collections. Preparing the exhibition Kurtoğlu, two-century change of different means of transportation they want to show that they want to reveal. Kurtoğlu said, kendi In preparing the exhibition, I benefited from IETT's archive, collectors and my own personal archive. I did an 50 archive of a thousand photographs of Istanbul. These photos include 50 bin, 2, which covers the last 1800 year of Istanbul, and there are 4 thousand photos about transportation in total. We made a selection of photos that we could date and access to the information. The photographs of the lesser known means of transportation, which will be seen for the first time in the exhibition, come to the fore. 1958'da first telerefi of Istanbul, the first time in Istanbul, 1880'lerin running two-story trams are several of them. For the transportation history covering two centuries, we have chosen 10 as an annual chronological display. All kinds of components related to transportation took place in the exhibition. Old bus tickets, coins, cardboard tram and ferry tickets, tickets for the Bosphorus Bridge pass, ephemeral are on display. Eski Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Culture Inc. opened, the changing face of the exhibition showing the exhibition from the 1800'li years to all aspects of Istanbul urban transportation is possible to see. Besides the old tickets, tokens, stall, station and orientation signs, the photo frames on land, sea, rail and air transportation are remarkable. The exhibition 23 is open until October.

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