Fındıklı Park surrounded by iron bars for the metro construction site, the citizen rebelled

Fındıklı Park was surrounded with iron bars for the subway construction site, the citizen rebelled:Kabataş Some of the Findikli Park on the coast Kabataş-Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey Metro was surrounded with iron bars to build a construction site. Neighborhood residents reacted to the event.

There was no construction site sign or information board in the park, which also had a children's park and trees. Upon the spread of the event in the social media, the officials of the Chamber of Architects reacted to the closure of the park.

Park land will be closed due to the construction of the 2 year, indicating that the construction site authorities will be moved to other areas in the area said that the trees.

The residents of the district living in Fındıklı stated that the children's park in the park was dismantled last night, and that the park was the only playground and green area in the region until the Beşiktaş coast, and they reacted to the application.

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