Indonesia's first high-speed train project in rail Chinese job (Video)

Railway China business in Indonesia's first high-speed train project: The Indonesian government has reached an agreement with a Chinese company for the rail network of the country's first high-speed train project.

The railway to be built on the 160 kilometer between the Indonesian capital Jakarta and Bandung will cost 5 and a half billion dollars.

There will be eight train stations on this route, which will use trains to speed up the 250 per hour.

Yang Zhongmin, Chairman, Railway International:, I believe that this cooperation has created a strong partnership. Because in Indonesia people are able to build a high-quality high-speed railroad that people can trust and important for the economic development of this country. These are our main goals and common goal in China-China cooperation. Bunlar

The project will start construction next year and will be completed in 2018.

The first high-speed train on the railway line is expected to start in the first months of 2019.



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