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Approval for the largest sunken museum: Approval was given to the museum, which is planned to be built in Istanbul to exhibit nearly 36 thousand artifacts with 45 sunken boats discovered during the Marmaray excavations.

The final approval has been given to the museum to be built to exhibit the Yenikapı shipwrecks, which contain the most important findings of Istanbul's history. The project of the area to be built as an archeopark and cultural area for sunken and historical artifacts unearthed with the Marmaray excavations was approved by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council. During the excavations, Theodosius Harbor, the oldest port of the early Byzantine period, was unearthed, and nearly 36 thousand artifacts were found with 45 sunken boats. The tombs and footprints of the first Istanbulites who lived 8 years ago will be collected in the world's largest sunken museum. 500 ships and 36 thousand objects will be exhibited in the museum to be built in the historical excavation area. A special 5-meter platform area will be created for the ships to be displayed. There will be five archeopark areas outside of the ship exhibition area. Excavations will also be conducted for the city around the Theodosius Harbor, which was unearthed in the excavations, and this will be an archeopark area of ​​20 thousand square meters. In the architectural competition opened in 500, the project of Eisenmann Architects and Aytaç Mimarlık was the winner.

During the archaeological excavations in Yenikapı, architectural remains belonging to small workshops dating back to the 19th century and street texture were found in the cultural filling belonging to the Late Ottoman Period. While it was decided to preserve the workshops and architectural remains in place, the street texture was removed and taken under protection to be evaluated in the archeopark project. During the excavations, Theodosius Harbor, the largest port of early Byzantine, and the remains of boats dating back to the 5th-11th centuries were unearthed. These boats to be exhibited in the museum are the world's largest collection of antique boats. Remains of the architecture of the port on land, such as the sea walls unearthed, the dock built of large stone blocks, and a part of the breakwater will also be included in the archeopark project.

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