Ankara Metro Söğütözü Station

Lock to Emergency Exit Door at Ankara Metro Söğütözü Station: It was revealed that the 'Emergency Exit' door of Ankara Metro at Söğütözü Station was locked. Passengers who saw a padlock on the door said, "In these times of increasing terrorist incidents, it worries me to be against this situation." Reacted.

While it was discussed whether security measures were taken after the terrorist attack that killed 102 people in the heart of the capital, it was determined that the 'Emergency Exit' door on the subway was locked. Problems such as signaling, speed and ring in Ankara subways have now been added to the 'Emergency Exit' door problem. In case of any danger, the 'Emergency Exit' gate, which is mandatory to be in the subways in order to facilitate the evacuation of people, remains closed at the Söğütözü Metro station. There is a thick chain on the door, a big lock on top, and a barrier around it.

While passengers cannot make sense of this situation, some of them react. Abdullah E. said that he was on the way to the subway from Söğütözü station every day and said: ağ There is no alternative way to evacuate passengers from the station in case of a possible emergency or fire. In the case of emergency systems in the world, people panic and not finding an exit cause unnecessary deaths. I'm worried about this situation in times of increasing terrorist incidents. Artan After the live bomb attack in front of the Ankara Teren Railway Station, people are afraid to be in the subway and crowded places. In the case of a fire in a subway bomb, people will run to this door in the event of a panic. But there's a big lock and chain at the door. This needs to be corrected immediately. If people are already panicky now, the fact that Emergency Exit is closed increases this uneasiness. İnsanlar

Panic occurred recently after a passenger on the Ankara subway shouted 'suicide bomber' suspecting another passenger. In the panic reflected on the cameras, the passengers were trying to escape over the rails by jumping from the metro that stopped before reaching the station. Nobody wants to guess what will happen in case of panic at Söğütözü Metro station, where the Emergency Exit door is locked.




    1. Lamaz Here, close to here!, Type of irresponsibility, shot irresponsibility land vbg people find it difficult to find the appropriate word, a damage to the application more bir For whatever reason, emergency exit systems can never be closed. This is precisely in various regulators (laws, directives, etc.). Those who are irresponsible must be punished most severely and severely, whoever they are! It could be in our country, though. It is never unacceptable, even in many of the backward countries. If it is unnecessary, then why was it made? In such a case, those who cause unnecessary waste of money must be punished. If necessary, the continuous, continuous function must be ensured safely. Renovations vbg reasons are never acceptable. At the hours when the system is out of service, the following: It should be done. During the service, escape routes are always open. The only exception is that if the entire system is shut down due to maintenance and repair, these emergency escape systems can also be switched off during that period. Otherwise, all kinds of security philosophy, especially the entire chain of security system is no provision, such a situation can never be accepted. God forbid, in the event of a disaster, all employees, from the lowest worker of the hierarchy to the top board members, are responsible and guilty!