Elvan, Fast train will connect the continents

Elvan will connect the high-speed continents: AK Party Mersin Deputy Candidate Lütfi Elvan, who met with businessmen in Mersin, said that the infrastructure of the Silk Railway Line, which will extend from China to London, has been established.

Lütfi Elvan, former Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and candidate for AK Party Mersin Deputy, stated that the infrastructure of the Silk Railway Line, which will extend from China to London, has been established, and said, “The Kars-Tbilisi-Baku railway line is currently being built. We will be bidding on the high-speed train line between Istanbul and Kapıkule these days. A railway line from Beijing to London as a whole will be provided. As Turkey location will be one of the world's most important trade and transit center, "he said. Mersin Young Businessmen Association (MEGİADLütfi Elvan emphasized the importance of being a young entrepreneur. Underlining that Mersin has many important advantages and competitive advantages compared to other provinces, Elvan emphasized that every kind of environment desired by the investor exists in this city. “Why is tourism not at the desired level in a province with such advantages?” Elvan said. comes the question. One of the most important issues is that Mersin is not at the desired level of connections with Central Anatolia, Eastern Anatolia and other regions, ”he said.

Stating that the existing projects will continue to eliminate the transportation problem and new projects will start as soon as possible, Elvan continued: “The company that won the tender for Çukurova Regional Airport went bankrupt. We will go out to tender again until the 20th of this month, and our airport will be put into service exactly one year after the first digging. Airport; It is extremely important in terms of tourism, industry, agriculture and trade. On the high-speed train, Mersin-Adana lines will be completed in 1, and Konya-Karaman-Mersin lines will be completed in 2018.” Elvan, who also gave information about Çeşmeli-Taşucu and D-2019 highway, which is important for tourism professionals, said, “We will go out to tender and start construction in the first quarter or half of 400. The studies will be completed in an average of 2016 years. The tender for the project, which will transform the D-2 highway between Mersin and Adana into 400 lanes, will be made this month," he said. Explaining that the necessary initiatives have been taken to save the idle SEKA Port in Taşucu District, Elvan said that once the works are completed, SEKA will return to Mersin. kazanHe also added that he would.

MEGİAD Stating that former Transport Minister Lütfi Elvan knew the problems of Mersin well, President Mehmet Izol said: “We sincerely believe that our Minister will do whatever is necessary to overcome the existing problems. At this point, we are ready to do our part. What is important for us is to establish a strong government that supports investors and pave the way for the economy in the November 1 elections. This is one of our biggest wishes. "

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