Cuenca City of Ecuador Reaches New Trams

Ecuador's Cuenca City Has Its New Trams: The first of the trams purchased for the Ecuador's Cuenca city tram line started test drives on 19 October. As a result of the agreement between the city of Cuenca's transport department and Alstom, the trams left Alstom's La Rochelle factory in May and shipped to Cuenca. All trams are expected to start operating next year.

The 10,5 km line with standard rail opening starts from Parque Industrial to Control Sur. There are even 27 pc stalls. There is also a depot at Yanuncay station. The line is scheduled to serve 120000 passengers daily. The total travel time on the line will be 35 min.

Trams have a length of 33 m and 285 passenger capacity. In the city's 2 km, the trams will serve as catenary.

Alstom will be responsible for the production of trams for the line as well as the energy supply, electrification and system installation of the line. According to the agreement signed in 2013, with the partnership of CITA Cuenca, led by Alstom, 142,6 million dollars were agreed for the project.

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