Free cable car tail in Denizli

Free cable car queue in Denizli: Denizli is literally experiencing ropeway madness. A thousand 300 meter-long, 24 cab cable car that runs from Bağbaşı neighborhood of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality to Zeytinli Plateau is free of charge for one month and created a demand boom. From the early hours of the morning to live the excitement of the cable car flocked to the region of Denizli, one kilometer of long queues are found. Citizens who do not have trouble waiting for hours do not give up, perseverance and finally taste the cable car experience.

From the Bağbaşı neighborhood to the Zeytinli Plateau, the cable car entered the service day by day. 20 is an unbelievable blessing for those who want to enjoy the excitement and excitement of going out to the Zeytinli Plateau with an altitude. This is an opportunity to avoid the opportunity of the people of Denizli, flocking to Bagbasi early in the morning, the queue is going to queue.

Thousands of children, elderly, women and men do not complain about waiting for hours. Denizli people who will not find this opportunity again, ay We are pleased with our state. Maybe we can't come again. We want to experience this excitement, ık Osman Zolan, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, said that they realized that they made an investment in place as they saw the demand of the citizens.

Mayor Zolan stated that they carried 1.300 thousand citizens to Zeytinli Plateau with 24 cable lift and 10 cabins. X The cable car 20 entered service days ago. 1 announced that the month will be free. The 20 day of this time is over. During this time 83 thousand people moved. 1.000 an hour, 10 thousand people ride the cable car per day. I believe that the number of 2 per day will be over the 100 bin, Ben he said.

Expressing that the free transportation period will expire after 10 days, Mayor Zolan said, ifade It doesn't matter that free boarding will end. As the price of the excitement of the citizens of all segments to live in the 5 lira have identified as bu he said.

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