Bağbaşı-Zeytinli plateau cable car line in Denizli Completed

The cable car line of Bağbaşı-Zeytinli plateau completed in Denizli Completed: The cable car project, which was made by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, was provided to the Zeytinli Plateau from Bağbaşı neighborhood in minutes.

Due to the completion of the project with the line length of one thousand 24 meters, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan organized an information tour with the journalists on the Mount of Olives before the official opening.

A separate perspective and a beautiful life style, he said they started the ropeway project President Zolan, iz Denizlimiz's greatest richness to meet with our mountains, to meet with our plateaus have put forward such a cable car project. Thank God we continue to do the firsts to Denizlimiz. We do the firsts. We promised, we do. One of the days I'm really happy today. It was a good project. Here, our citizens will meet the plateaus in the mountains. Cool down in summer. We'il come to cool off. We will meet both our roots and our plateaus. Denizli also does not always take snow in winter. This is a thousand 400-dominated place. I hope we will come to see the snow, to cool down, to feel the coldness of that cold. Summer will be in the service of the people of Denizli. Il

Denizli. Zolan emphasized that it is a tourism city besides the industry and said olduğun It will give a different breath to our tourism. Contribute to the meaning of plateau tourism; both our tent areas and our wooden houses and Denizli will make an extraordinary contribution to becoming a center of attraction of Denizli for domestic tourism and foreign tourism from the surrounding region. We invite all our citizens. We have a free-of-charge cable car and 6 cabin for a month. There's a thousand people per hour. 24-7 can accommodate a thousand people a day. Thousand 8 meters have line length. We have cafeterias here, we have a restaurant, we have a wooden house with 496. I hope they will host our guests in the future. We will also have a tent in summer. The cable car, the infrastructure of this place, water tanks, the treatment facility with the work done here, cost 30 million pounds. An He said. The facility was built cable car and the surrounding area of ​​Zola, indicating that very specific, "I thought it was unique in Turkey. We didn't think that we could just come up and see the view of Denizli and go down again. When you go up with the cable car, you can watch the views of the sea and then meet with the plateaus. There will also be sales of local products. Orada

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