Denizli BBSK footballers' excitement

Denizli BBSK footballers' excitement of the ropeway: Denizli Metropolitan Belediyesporlu footballers and management, riding the newly opened cable car before the match Yomraspor had a different excitement.

Sports Toto 3.lig 2.grupta who are struggling and Saturday Yomraspor'u Denizli Metropolitan Belediyespor'lu footballers, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality recently opened in the Baghdad neighborhood in the cable car ride took a different excitement. In addition to the technical delegations and footballers, Büyükşehir Belediyespor President Rüşan Uzunoğlu, Vice Presidents Akın Çelik, Mehmet Teke and board member Süleyman Kaya attended the event.

Football at 1400 meters sohbeti
AK Party Denizli Deputy Bilal Uçar and Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan came together with the red and white football players and managers at an altitude of 1400 meters by the cable car, sohbet they realized. 'Good luck to your new season. Saying that I hope you have a league without any accident, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Zolan said, “The scores you will get are not important for us. "We want you to be respectful, disciplined athletes and fight like a gentleman."

Denizli Metropolitan Belediyespor President Rüşan Uzunoğlu stated that they formed a team in a good friendship and fraternity and stated that they are trying to represent Denizli in the best way. Hakan Dolutaş, the team's technical director, thanked Denizli Mayor Osman Zolan for bringing a beautiful ropeway facility to Denizli and said that they formed a young team with an average age of 21-22 and they primarily trained players to Turkish Football. After the meeting, a collective photo shoot was performed in memory of the day. Red whites then went to Bağbaşı plateau and visited the new magnificent place. While some players were worried that they had boarded the ropeway for the first time, football players Ahmet, Umut and Murat said that the ropeway was very beautiful and added a European air to Denizli.

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