The unthinkable atrocities in Kütahya

In Kutahya, unimaginable brutality in the train: In the last 2 in the town of Tavşanlı in Kütahya, the 4 stray dog ​​was found to be destroyed by unidentified people or people connecting the railway rails and passing the trains over them. Tavsanli animal lover Necdet Demirat, the center of the town about 5 kilometers Kütahya-Balıkesir railroad tracks on the rails, they found the head of the stray dogs, he said. Necdet Demirat stated that the incident took place in the last two weeks, 3 puppies 4'un unidentified people or people by the rail rope allegedly connected.

Demirat said that the freight and passenger trains were crossed over the rails and said, yolcu First of all, a large adult stray dog ​​was tied to the railway. This dog is on the train. The dog's head is separated from the trunk. Then we encountered 4 puppy dead. Those who make them are mentally unstable individuals. These people need to be identified and treated. People who harm animals also harm people. We will also make a criminal complaint in order to find these people and to punish them. Duyur

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