Çalık, Malatya High Speed ​​Train Auction was held

📩 07/12/2018 17:11

Çalık, Malatya High Speed ​​Train Tender Made: AK Party MKYK Member and Malatya Deputy Öznur Çalık, Sivas, Malatya, Elazığ, Diyarbakır High Speed ​​Train project between Çetinkaya-Malatya route on Sivas-Malatya route; He reported that "Survey, project and engineering" tender was made.

Deputy Öznur Çalık stated that the High Speed ​​Train Project, which covers Malatya, is located on the Sivas-Malatya-Elazığ-Diyarbakır route, and said, “Çetinkaya - Malatya section constitutes the most important part of the Sivas - Malatya high speed train project. The "Survey, Project and Engineering" tender for this line was made and the tender was concluded. The company with the most advantageous bid has been invited by the General Directorate of TCDD and the contract has been signed ”.


Çalık said, "The rest of the Sivas - Malatya High Speed ​​Train Project is in the Sivas - Çetinkaya part of the project and the preparations for the Survey Project tender for the Malatya - Elazığ - Diyarbakır High Speed ​​Train projects are being carried out by the General Directorate of TCDD."

Çalık said, “We are struggling to bring the best service to Malatya. One of them is our High Speed ​​Train Project. Our railways have met the biggest investment projects since the foundation of the Republic in the history of the AK Party. We offer comfortable and high quality rail transportation to our citizens. We have taken an important step for our Malatya and our region with the tender. Good luck to Malatya and our region. We would like to thank our dear prime minister, dear ministers, deputies, TCDD General Manager and employees, especially for being our president, ”he said.

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