Train Crash on the Site of Caglar Village

Caglar Köyü District Train Accident 1 Dead: Bingöl direction Elazığ direction of the freight train ages crossing a person crossing the village in the village.

According to the information provided by Mehmet Ertürk, the 53015 numbered freight train was hit by a person who tried to cross the rails at the 23.20 ranks, from Caglar station to the center of Elazig. With the impact of the impact of the freight train. 112 crews reported that he was crushed to death by 112 and the gendarmerie. Gendarmerie research that the person who lost his life under the train to be Ramadan Bozkurt Rampan aged and the person is mentally unbalanced, epileptic patients said. Bozkurt is registered to the population of Diyarbakir said.

Ramadan Bozkurt lost his life by staying under the train of Fırat University morgue was removed while the investigation was initiated.

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