Büyükşehir hosted Denizli artisans in Bağbaşı Plateau

Büyükşehir hosted Denizli artisans in Bağbaşı Plateau: Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan met in the Bağbaşı Plateau with professional chambers operating under the Denizli Chamber of Merchants and Craftsmen. Stating that they have built the longest ropeway in the Aegean, Mayor Zolan said that they have added a ring to the city tourism together with the complex facilities in the Bağbaşı Plateau.

Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan welcomed the heads and representatives of the Chamber of Denizli Tradesmen and Craftsmen Chambers in the Bağbaşı Plateau. In his speech, Musa Çelikkol, the President of the Chambers of Tradesmen and Craftsmen Association in Denizli, stated that he got on the ropeway in other cities, adding, lar But this is another beautiful place. May Allah be pleased with our President and hope that he will receive the best of the beauties he has done. Allah Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan, Bağbaşı Plateau and the cable car brought a new breath to Denizli, he said. Noting that Denizli is a unique city, Mayor Zolan said, ol Denizli is a city full of unique beauty. Denizli is a province where our tradesmen are tradesmen, tradesmen from the culture of ahlic culture. This is our greatest wealth. On top of these riches, we work day and night to build a city worthy of our people and go to the better, the more beautiful. Bu Tu Our sea is worthy of the best of all, the most beautiful, N said Mayor Zolan. We have introduced our park on the Çamlık, İncilipınar, Justice Park, Servergazi Park, Sevindik Park and 2004. Of course we said 'not enough'. And we need a lift..

Denizli's new breathing place
Mayor Zolan said, bir We have to meet with the highlands of Denizli, we have to meet with fresh air and I dreamed of bringing our people together with these beauties. We decided that this place would be most convenient by traveling the summits of the mountains one by one. When we look at the complex, we wanted Denizli to be the place to breathe new. Thank God, Allah has bestowed on us, we have seen these days without accident. Good luck to our sea. I'll tell you clearly; 'This is only a pity to see if you want to go down to the ski lift.' Denizli must be watched while going out, but behind it must have strong functions to feed it. So we added the highland and the urban forest. We have picnic areas at the entrance of our spring. We have wooden houses inside, I hope you will be there to stay there, imiz he said.

The longest cable car in the Aegean
President Zolan said that the region will serve the highland tourism during the 12 month. Anlat We will have more than fifty tents in the summer and we will establish it. Our citizens will only bring their belongings and enjoy the tents and leave. Here we will have special meals for our city. The sea will flock from neighboring cities. This region will bring plush to our tradesmen and people. Maybe one night will make the shopping, Belki he said. He said that the facility is the longest cable car in the Aegean. Ş With this beauty, we hope to add another ring to tourism. In the winter, we will come to enjoy the snow with our children, family and friends. So this place has been made multifunctional. I am telling you clearly; There are five ski lifts in six provinces in Turkey. In this way, there are no other places with all kinds of functions related to the highland and complex facilities. This is the first in Turkey, "he said.

Üçgen Intersection Project will start at 2016
In 2016, President Zolan explained that there is another big project for Denizli,, We will take the underground of the Triangle. Here, we planned a project that would allow transit in transit. We plan to form a beautiful green area. We would like to start and finish this project at 2016. I hope our sea will be more beautiful. The purpose of all of us is to leave permanent artifacts and put it on top of the sea. Başı Mayor Zolan, President of the Union Çelikkol and his retinue visited Bağbaşı Plateau and examined the facilities.



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