Bursa: Ropeway Free Campaign Confluence for Those Coming with Flag


The convention of the free-of-charge ropeway in Bursa comes from Bursa: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's Teleferik A.Ş. with the 'teleferik free flags come with the flag' campaign was the confluence. Citizens flocked to the cable car, this application wanted to be done on other public holidays.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Teleferik A.Ş. 29 October Republic Day was held together with the 'flags come free with the cable car' campaign showed the citizens. Thousands of citizens who took the Turkish flag to travel to the cable car rushed to Teferrüç station early in the morning. Citizens created a long tail from the point of turnstiles to the street in front of the station building. Approximately 10 thousand people flocked to the cable car, while citizens complained about the storm.

Those who created long queues wanted such days to be done not only during holidays but also at other times. At least the people who demanded to be the people's day, Bursa, for years, pointed out that there are people who did not go to Uludag. Citizens, who complained about the expensive prices at the normal time, demanded a review of the prices.

Authorities, the return of citizens of Uludag to avoid any delay and any time to stop the exit of the 15.00 stopped.