Gospel of the cable car

Besikduzu's gospel of the cable car: Besikduzu Mayor Orhan Bıçakçıoğlu, said the first step was taken for the construction of the cable car.

The first step of the tender took place in the municipality building for the 3100 meter-long cable car line to be constructed in the Besikduzu Tourism and Nature Sports Center in Besikduzu.

In the session held with the participation of Italian LEITNER AG / SPA, DOPPELMAYR of Austria and BARTHOLET MASCINENBAU AG of Switzerland, the session was ended with the tender commission's evaluation of the companies' competencies and the first offers of the firms without any price.

Besikduzu's 25 annual dream for the realization of the first step taken in the expression that the Mayor Orhan Bicakcioglu Besiktas, competence assessment companies, 13 2015 XNUMX technical talks will be made on the date of the date, he said.

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