Mayor Zolan, Teleferik Our Promise

Mayor Zolan, Teleferik Took We Admitted: Mayor Osman Zolan stated that they realized the dream of cable car in Denizli and said t Citizens will enjoy the unique view of the city an

Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan talked about the works and the projects and targets of the future. President Zolan stated that they opened the cable car with the cost of 38 million liras, which will make the city a brand in the highland tourism. There is Bağbaşı Plateau above. We made bungolov houses in the plateau. We have tents and picnic areas. We have restaurants and cafes. Tent areas and bungolov houses. There will be a living facility, Or he said. President Zolan, who will enjoy the nature wonder of Bağbaşı Plateau with the unique view of the city with the unique view of the city, will be at the service of summer winter citizens. Hopefully beauties of our citizens use these facilities in a happy way, our people get a gift, "he said. Noting that the complex project that will make Denizli brand in tourism in the highland tourism was established with the investment of 1400 million pounds, Mayor Zolan invited all the citizens to ride on the cable car and to the plants in the natural wonder of Bağbaşı Plateau. Merkez This winter ski resort will serve the Aegean Region and the Mediterranean Region, imiz said Mayor Zolan. 38 is a place at an altitude. 2300 lags. We'il have closed spaces. It will be as beautiful as Uludağ. Bozdağ is both tourism and sports, and the cable car is important in terms of alternative tourism. This winter ski resort will be very good. Our ski slopes will be opened. The chairlift is already running. We have a 4 line. Ski run lengths are good, Kayak he said.

We gave importance to the substructure
Zolan stated that they founded the Denizli Water Sewerage Administration after they became metropolitan and added: i We started construction of new water tank at 42. 50-60 years ago water tanks have never been cleaned. We have taken care of all the warehouses as Metropolitan. 1057 has a cemetery. The pruning of the trees was cleaned. As a result, we made investments in clean water. We completely renew the infrastructure. We do parks, carpet pitches, sports fields. 500 personality village carpet field are doing. 186 made a million pounds auction. We're renewing the sewers. We're putting in rainwater lines. 40-50 annual drinking water lines are changing from the top down. The city loses if you go through the vote account. So far we have never gone through the voting account. We did what we had to do. We worked with patience and support of our citizens. Ist Ti Another project we have carried out silently is our congress and culture center project, bir said Zolan. Ol Inside the 2 will be a thousand-person hall. Next to the 1000 and 500 is the hall of personality. 8-9 is also a multi-purpose hall. 400 will have a car park. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Nihat Zeybekci Congress and Cultural Center. Construction 1-1.5 will last for years. In the 2012 had received the award as the cleanest city in Turkey, Denizli. We continue this. Our treatment plant is working. We have a solid waste facility. We have a wastewater treatment plant. We produce electricity both from the garbage and from the treatment plant. We have medical waste storage. The most green and green city in Denizli. Natural gas has reached our homes at the rate of 90. We started the natural gas 9 years ago. Denizli was on 3 as the first air pollution. We are going down. Artık

Mayor Zolan stated that they will build an aquarium in Denizli, ol His works have come to an end. The sea has no sea, but there will be an aquarium. With tourism, it will be an alternative for both our people living in Denizli and tourists from abroad. We'il start building at 2016. Project work is being done now. We're thinking about doing it on the Pamukkale road. There are 2 million tourists coming to Pamukkale. We want to get on that route. 2 million tourists stay a night. Pamukkale is our locomotive in tourism. There are so many valuable wagons behind it. Ark

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