Azerbaijan and Iran agree to finance railway projects

Azerbaijan and Iran agreed to finance railway projects: Iranian State Demiollar International Transport Unit President Abbas Nazari Specialized for Trend News Agency, Azerbaijan and Iran will be held between the two countries, Astara (Azerbaijan) reported that the agreement was made.

Nazari said that financing will be a major factor in accelerating efforts.

Nazari: 10 km 8 km 2 km long section of this part of Azerbaijan 2 km will pass through Iranian territory. For this project, which aims to unite the railways of both countries, a bridge will be built on the border line. The cargoes in Azerbaijan will be sent to the terminal in Astara, Iran at first, after which they will be taken to Kazvin and then reach the Persian Gulf countries by rail. Both countries will build the construction of the railway in its territory. Bridge construction will be done by both countries. The net figure of the investment is not clear, but is expected to spend $ 1 million for each km. Thus, the total cost of 20 million dollars is envisaged. '' He said.

At the same time, he said, there is also work on railway financing of Res-Astara. The Kazvin-Reşt line will be completed soon.

Nazari stated that the railway line of Kazvin-Rasht-Astara had a static importance and that its construction was planned from the Soviet Union period. With the opening of the new line, Russia-India transportation will be shortened to almost 2 times.

Now 45 in the day of Russia-India transport by sea, rail, 20 will be down to the day, noting that the transport costs will be reduced to the face 30 reported.

The North-South K Astara railway, which is part of the ları North-South Asya project, will unite Northern Europe and Southeast Asian railways. With the project, Iran, Azerbaijan and Russia will become a chain of railways.

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