Truck Cargo Truck Hit 1

1 Injured: One person was injured in the train crash in the morning. The driver of the truck, hit by the freight train, paid the urgency and urgency of the truck more and more with his life.

The accident occurred in the Aydin Efeler district of Dusk in the passage through the passage of. According to information obtained, the vegetables and fruits grown in the village of Gölhisar Saffet Çetin selling fruits and vegetables, early in the morning, 09 KD 614 plate truck and vegetables loaded into the Tuesday market set out to bring. Saffet Çetin, who saw that the barriers were closed at the footpath of Aydın Efeler, Soğukkuyu, was not allowed to pass by the morning and the barrier was closed due to the failure and he tried to cross the barrier with his truck. In the meantime, the direction of the direction of the direction of Aydin HASAN Hussein Hussein Hussein 34900 command train in the direction of the train officer hit a heavy truck in front of his eyes. With the impact of the impact of the truck, the driver of the pick-up truck, which went up to the Soğukkuyu Bridge, was taken to the hospital with 112 Emergency Service teams.


After the accident, the police teams and the redeemer returning to the area on the truck with vegetables and fruits on a safe area to start the study launched. When the truck was loaded to the tractor, it suddenly started to burn. The fire and police intervention of police and rescue teams were also extinguished.
Police launched an investigation into the accident.

Günceleme: 29/11/2018 20:39

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