Tunnel Construction is About to Finish in Baku Tbilisi Kars Project

baku tiflis moved the caravan with railway rail freight cars
baku tiflis moved the caravan with railway rail freight cars

Aşcı is Near to Ending Tunnel Construction in Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Project: Customs and Trade Minister Cenap Aşcı was the guest of AA Editor's Desk, Minister Aşcı was the guest of AA Editor's Desk. “We had to close this gate for a while for security purposes, but we started the passenger transition operations as of yesterday,” We continued our negotiations with the Minister of Transport to finish the tunnel construction in Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Project. Next year, we will have opened it in the first quarter and not in the second quarter. ”Minister of Customs and Trade Cenap Aşcı said,“ We ​​had to close this door for a while due to security, but we started the passenger transit operations as of yesterday. ” Being the guest of the Agency (AA) Editor's Desk, Aşcı answered questions about the agenda.

Terrorism and Aşcı on the question of the final status of closed border crossings for security reasons, 20 that customs officers were abducted, recalling that they return to Turkey on September 8, 3 border gate is closed söyledi.aşc of Kapıköy border crossing and railway in Van, as well as passenger entry Stating that the exits have been made, he stated that the services regarding the goods coming and going by train are not interrupted, but they stopped the passenger entrance exits for a while because of security, and they started to provide customs service again from Monday. ”People will live in peace within two years. They said, "Asci said that they heard that Iranian tourists were mostly present in Van in the past periods and that there was a loss of customers in the hotels because the door was closed. Reminding that they opened the new Çıldır-Aktaş customs gate between Ardahan and Georgia, Aşcı said that they have renewed the Dilucu border gate opened from Iğdır to Nakhchivan when 13 police officers were martyred while they were going to do passport transactions. Asci stated that the Esendere border gate in the Yüksekova district of Hakkari is a border gate with both passenger and truck entry and exit, but this gate is currently undergoing renovation with the build-operate-transfer model.

Stating that the border gates of Aşcı, Kapıköy, Çıldır-Aktaş, Dilucu and Esendere are the places made under the same agreement, that they are about to close their doors at Esendere border gate for a while, but as of yesterday they have started passenger passes, Stating that there will be some disruption to truck transitions due to this renewal, he said that even if there was no kidnapping in Esendere, this situation would be the case, as Aşcı said that the renovation process continues, “This development is not only due to terrorism but because of construction. I hope it will be over for a month, ”he said. Expressing that trucks do not have entry and exit at the border gate opening from Hakkari Çukurca to Iraq, Aşcı stated that this place only controls the mutual arrival and departure of the citizens, and the first kidnapping action is here.

The cook said that upon the desire of the citizens, they opened this door with very urgent, prefabricated structures and said that they closed this door and that the state did not consider it appropriate to provide temporary and prefabricated structures. Expressing that they want to build a permanent, safe and decent building there, Aşcı stated that they will renew this door, and that they will open it afterwards. - “Exports of 12 billion dollars with Iraq seems to be difficult for this year” Stating that the trade has connections with the countries, he said that the Habur border gate between Şırnak and Iraq is a door with 2 thousand truck entrances and 2 thousand truck exits on normal days and an average of 6 thousand vehicles per day. Noting that the purchasing power has decreased due to the decline in oil prices of Iraq, Aşcı said, “Last year we exported 12 billion dollars to Iraq through this door. Current figures show that it is difficult to catch $ 12 billion this year. Although actions have little effect, it is something that comes from the loss of income of the receiving country. If there is income, there is trade, if there is no income, there is no trade. ”

Asci, since 2012 they allow the entry of commercial vehicles from Syria, Turkey stated its citizens that they do not let them out of Syria's exports by transfer from vehicle to vehicle in place in the area of ​​customs administration was conducted, 200-250 tırlık reported that daily exports occurred. Underlining that they will increase customs gates, Aşcı said, “We also have new door projects.” Pointing out that they renewed 10 customs gates with the model of build-operate-state, Kapıkule opened to Bulgaria, Hamzabeyli, Ipsala opened to Greece, and Sarp opened to Georgia were among the renewed border gates. Stating that 30 thousand entrances and 30 thousand exits can be made from the Sarp border gate from time to time, Aşcı noted that there is a lot of traffic over their accounts, and expansion and modernization efforts will be made. Minister Aşcı pointed out that Beijing will be connected to London with the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Project, which also includes the Çıldır-Aktaş customs gate, “Our negotiations with the Minister of Transport are continuing with the tunnel construction in Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Project. We will have opened it in the first quarter next year, not in the second quarter, ”he said.

“We are planning to carry out 5 operations at a single point with the one stop project” Noting that there are approximately 160 customs offices and the actual customs procedures are carried out here, Aşcı said, “We are doing one at Çatalca location, Halkalı We will move the Customs Directorate there. He will be one of the few major facilities in Europe. ”Providing information about the“ one stop ”project, Aşcı said that the trucks stopped at a minimum of 6 points at the border gates and that speed is important in today's world. Aşcı stated that they plan to carry out 5 transactions in a single point with the “One stop” project and that the police will continue to carry out their passport transactions. In the present case the controls made by the clerk made an expression that Asci entering Turkey, electronic system at a later stage, the key barcode called to do with the system, the project's fuel and time savings with the country voicing began with a pilot in the Agility as anlattı.ilk would make serious contributions Asci, He noted that they were watching the results, they would try it at the Sarp Border gate, and if it was applied successfully, they would spread it to other gates.

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