Suspicious bag in Ankara Train Station

Suspicious bag at Ankara Train Station: The bag forgotten by the pool in Ankara Train Station alarmed the security. The owner of the bag accused the police teams.

According to the information obtained, the police were informed after a bag was noticed in Ankara Train Station. Police teams who came to the scene drew a security strip on the edge of the pool where the suspect bag was found.

The passage of pedestrians was ensured by police teams safely. Then the bombs were shipped to the front of the train station.

During the preparation of the bomb expert, a citizen said that the bag was his and that he had ID and credit cards.

She noted that her bag was brown and that she forgot the side of the pool and that she could take it.

Forgot bag taken from the edge of the pool showing the police teams out of the citizen's purse.

Citizen bag reacted by bomb disposal experts to be detonated by the detonator.

Police teams, "All Ankara security stood up, you blame us," he reacted to the woman who forgot the bag.

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