Wearing A Funeral Ceremony In Ankara Railway Station

In absentia funeral in Ankara Train Station Edited: Bomb attack who lost their lives in the Republic of Turkey Railway (TCDD) in absentia funeral was held for the staff.

HDP Ankara Deputy Sırrı Süreyya Önder, relatives of the deceased, United Transport Union (BTS) members and many citizens attended the ceremony held inside the Ankara Train Station. Carnations were laid on the table where photographs of İdil Güney, Uygar Coşkun and Ali Kitapçı were displayed. A minute of silence was made for those who lost their lives at the ceremony. Citizens gathered at the ceremony reacted as "murderer Erdogan, murderer AKP".

Artun Siyah Kitapçı, the son of Ali Kitapçı, who lost his life, also had difficulty in standing. The son bookstore cried and cried for a long time.

Emel Kitapci, the wife of Ali Kitapci, who was one of the victims of the explosion, made a speech at the ceremony. The bookstore said, s We said that peace should be brought to this country. For this country's poor, we said that the laborer, the Kurd, the Turk, the peace, the women, and the men would come to peace. We said 'peace', they said 'death'. They're murderers, we know who the killer is. But we're standing straight. We are standing with our conscience, our morality, our struggle will continue. They kill us once, but they give birth to a thousand times. Peace and freedom will come to this country against this crocodile hitting the back. Ar

Speaking at the ceremony, HDPE Istanbul deputy Sirri Sureyya Onder, saying that the one thing that can not afford to tolerate the cruel everything in Turkey, "Solidarity. Two days ago we all experienced how long they could not tolerate this dirty war, this dirty war that the sovereigns raised, when they came together to say stop, they could not tolerate it. We lived in Suruç when the youth, the socialists, showed this desire. Marash massacre, the Maras massacre, as you can not find in the sources, the Maras events. Sivas massacre, Sivas burns or Sivas events are passed. They call it terror in hand. There's a massacre. All political parties say terror. We know murderers. If we don't ask his account, we don't have to honor him. If we do not ask our account, the breath we take, the bread we drink, the water we drink, we all get haram. Iz

KESK Co-Chair Şaziye Köse said about the explosion, lam Who was an enemy of peace, peace in the blood. Are you asking for a failure? Looking for a criminal? You're grinning through our eyes on television. It is certain that the perpetrator makes certain. Fail

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