A New Tram Line is Held in Ulm, Germany

A New Tram Line is Constructed to Ulm, Germany: The foundations of a new tram line were laid in Ulm, a city in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. A grand opening started the construction work of the line, which will be the second tram line in the city. There will be 10,5 stops on the line with a total length of 20 km. The line will maneuver in a circle and return from the same direction in the Egginger Wegin Kuhberg area, on the southern border of the city. 1,5 km2 of the line to be built in the city center will be combined with the other tram line that is still in service.

In fact, the trams to be used in the past May for 32 million euros will be ordered by Siemens 12 5'ler parts will be composed of the Avenio M trams. It is estimated that even 8300 passengers will be transported daily.

85 million euros will be provided by the federal government for the money that will be spent on jobs such as construction works and warehouse construction. The remaining 107 million euros will be allocated from the city's own budget.


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