AK Party member Haspolat, from the proposal to bring the İZBAN Line underground

AK Party member Haspolat, the proposal to bring the İZBAN Line underground:Bayraklı Municipality AK Party Group Vice President Çağlar Haspolat at the city council meeting in September, with Konak Karşıyaka between Bayraklı He proposed that a part of Altınyol and İZBAN Line, which provides transportation from the coast, be underground.

Haspolat Bayraklı Municipality made a proposal at the parliamentary meeting in September Bayraklı Support came from Mayor Hasan Karabag as well. Karabakh said, “It was previously on the agenda in groups. We will do what is necessary again ”he said.

Bayraklı The ordinary council meeting for October, held under the administration of Mayor Hasan Karabag, was held in the Osmangazi Service Building. To the councilors of the party before the meeting Bayraklı The 2016 Performance Program and Fiscal Year Budget Drafts, which will determine the road map of the Municipality's 2016 Budget, were distributed. Within the scope of the Izmir Marine Project of the Metropolitan Municipality Bayraklıbringing the new arrangement to the agenda of the coastal line Bayraklı Çağlar Haspolat, Deputy Chairman of AK Party Group of the Municipality, said, "We do not want these regulations to be only landscaping, flower and insect arrangements." BayraklıHaspolat brought an alternative proposal to the agenda due to the restriction of landing of the inhabitants of İzmir to the beach with overpasses and said, “We want Altınyol and İZBAN Line to be underground. We conveyed our views to the Metropolitan Municipality regarding this issue. I want the support of my other friends in the Metropolitan Municipality Council on this issue. Until this issue is resolved, we will highlight it in every meeting ”.Bayraklı Mayor Hasan Karabağ stated that they will support Haspolat's opinion and they will meet again with the necessary places and convey the issue.

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